So Long Shanghai

One concert over and getting on the bus to leave Shanghai. I have not been able to connect to this blog but may have found the secret so hope to update even more in days to come.

We had our first rehearsals and concert yesterday. While we were planning on beginning rehearsal at 9:30 we did not actually begin until 10:30.  The people with large instruments went one way into the hall and actually went in. Most of the rest of the band went up a couple flights of stairs only to stand at a locked door. Some of got the bright idea of going back the way we came and follow the route of the first group which proved successful.

Our concert went well, a bit ragged due to the little amount of practice but the audience was very appreciative and we ended up playing a good number of extra marches until we could not play any longer.

Now off to our next city. We have a three hour flight and hope to have an easy time getting on the plane.

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100 Years Ago

On December 24th, 1910, John Philip Sousa and his band boarded a boat in New York to make their way across the Atlantic Ocean and begin a world tour. The trip to England took them 7 days and they performed on January 1st. While this is not a world tour for the New Sousa Band it does share a little similarity of taking great music to the people in a way that Sousa did. Now 100 years later over 50 musicians from around the United States are coming together to perform in China. All the musicians have been selected by Director Keith Brion. Instead of leaving from one port as a group, each has left from their respective cities and meeting in Shanghai, China. We are not paid for our services. In the time it took Sousa to cross the Atlantic we will have performed 4 concerts in four different cities. We marvel at the ability we have today for travel and communication that will allow a trip like our to happen. It is hard to imagine the popularity that the Sousa Band had in 1911 which allowed the group to travel the world and play to earn their living and travel.

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New Sousa Band in China

Hi everyone and welcome.

Tomorrow, December 26th I will be heading on my first trip to China and will be touring with the New Sousa Band under the direction of Keith Brion. I hope to add information daily about my experiences and insights about China and the music we will be playing. I hope you check back daily.



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