Finally Back Home

Well it was a great trip and fun to be in China but as alway it is great to be home. I was very tired when I arrived last night and took the day off to recoup. Now with a little energy I will make my last post and add some videos that I took in the last days. Sorry for the lateness in getting them up but better late then never.

China is a wonderful country to visit. It is a different culture and was glad we had interpreters. I have a much better appreciation for students who come from China to the US to study and knowing how difficult it must be to enter a new culture, have to learn a new language and still expected to do as well as any other student.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and photos. I have uploaded what I think are the last of the photos so all should be available at I hope the New Sousa Band is able to travel again.

Thanks everyone,


About Mark Olson

I am a conductor and trumpet performer. I am Assistant Director of Bands at Harvard University. I also conduct the Middlesex Concert Band and play in the Metropolitan Wind Symphony as well as the New Sousa Band.
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