On our way to Beijing

And so we end our time in Kunming. I have enjoyed being here these past four days and I believe everyone else has also. Today some of us went to the Minority Village and others explored on their own. I will have to post video and photos at a later time.

We had a wonderful concert tonight. The audience was receptive and showed their appreciation with applause. I thought it was one of our best evenings thus far. After the concert we all came back to the hotel for dinner and a celebration of the tour with many toasts.

We have an early morning tomorrow. We will leave the hotel at 6:00 am and head to the airport. We should arrive in Beijing around 11:30 and have decided to head right to the sight seeing and then the concert hall for rehearsal. We will have to eat at McDonald’s after the concert as that will be one of the few places open. Then we will head to the hotel. We decided to change the schedule a bit so that we could see the things we are hoping to see.

I don’t know what type of internet connection I will have tomorrow night. And with such a little amount of time in the next two days I may not be able to update many photos or video so this may be the last posting until I arrive back in Boston on Thursday. But check in around this time tomorrow and see if I was able to add anything. I will add some videos from yesterday into today’s posting.

About Mark Olson

I am a conductor and trumpet performer. I am Assistant Director of Bands at Harvard University. I also conduct the Middlesex Concert Band and play in the Metropolitan Wind Symphony as well as the New Sousa Band.
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1 Response to On our way to Beijing

  1. dan moseley says:

    Thanks for the blog and photos Mark! Any chance you could do a little video interview with Peggy and her entourage as well? They are my wife, child, and sister!
    Dan Moseley

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