Day Two in Kunming

We had a fun day yesterday. I began the day by doing a little exploration around the hotel on my own. There seemed to be a big sale on electronics and three stores right next to each other were competing and had a number of people working to draw buyers to their store.

The weather in Kunming is wonderful. Hard to believe it is the beginning of a New Year and I can wander around without a jacket. Well I am usually in North Dakota which is cold, like Beijing will be.

Most of us walked to the theatre yesterday to know how to get there and then on the way back went to an open market. Instead of doing a lot of writing today I thought I would let some videos give you a sense of what I saw.

The concert went well last night. The house was not full but the audience was more responsive than in the past few nights. I do wish I could speak the language so we can have more of an opportunity to communicate.

Today some of us will be going to a Botanical Gardens and I think may be eating lunch at a place that is not our hotel. Others will just be exploring the city.

I keep updating photos at so be sure to check now and then for anything new.

About Mark Olson

I am a conductor and trumpet performer. I am Assistant Director of Bands at Harvard University. I also conduct the Middlesex Concert Band and play in the Metropolitan Wind Symphony as well as the New Sousa Band.
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1 Response to Day Two in Kunming

  1. Very interesting documentary of the China Tour. Invaluable remembrance of the trip for the musicians and those of us close to a couple of the musicians. So enjoyed seeing the videos and reading the commentaries. Very insightful. Kudos Mr. Olson!

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