Happy New Year from Kunming

Happy New Year. Yes we have already celebrated while our families back home are just having lunch. As I was enjoying the fun and family celebration last year in North Dakota I didn’t think I would be celebration the start of 2011 from Kunming, China this year. After midnight I went for a walk outside around the hotel without a jacket on. Temps were probably in the 60’s.

We arrived safe and sound after a very short night of sleep. We were all ready for some breakfast and some sleep. Well at least some of us got sleep but no one got breakfast. We did have an early lunch. After lunch I needed sleep so did take a nap till time to get ready for the concert. I think some were able to do a little sight seeing yesterday afternoon.

Our concert was in the conference center in Kunming. Good attendance and was a nice hall to play in. I could hear the ensemble on stage well and a few other players commented on that. It really helped to be able to lock in better but still was not as tight as I would like us to be sounding. Again the audience seemed a little reserved but enjoyed the concert.

We got back around 11:30 and had dinner and welcomed the new year. I heard fireworks out my window at midnight and did see them a little. Those who were already at dinner on the 28th floor said they saw them.

The hotels we have stayed at are pretty modern. They have for the most part connection to the internet and plugging in electric devises are no problem. I bought a converter but have not needed it at all. Maybe in Beijing. This blog site however is blocked I think but I am able to get to it due to using a VPN connection.

Today is sightseeing day. Song will take any who want to go on a walking tour at 11:00 this morning. Some are heading to a Yamaha music store. We did see a Wal-mart as we drove in from the airport. There is a McDonalds and a KFC within a block of the hotel but all our meals are in the hotel. And the meals for the most part have been very good so no need to break down to the fast food chains.

I have been able to take a few photos and have uploaded them to my photo site at http://www.meolson.smugmug.com. I will keep posting as I can and possibly get some videos uploaded later as well.

Mark Zielinski

Fellow trumpet player Mark Zielinski posing infront of the Kunming Convention center.

Mark Olson and director Keith Brion at intermission of the first Kunming Concert

About Mark Olson

I am a conductor and trumpet performer. I am Assistant Director of Bands at Harvard University. I also conduct the Middlesex Concert Band and play in the Metropolitan Wind Symphony as well as the New Sousa Band.
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